At the age of 15, she commits suicide because of Faceboook!

Algeria – One tragedy, another has hit Algeria. More exactly the city El Moudjahid in the commune of El-Harrach in the East of Algiers. A teenage girl, aged 15, killed herself on Monday, August 7th. She hanged herself during the night.

According to testimonies, collected on the spot by the newspaper Ennahar, it seems that the social pressure that it could not support, is at the origin of this gesture. Her brother discovered that she had a Facebook account.

One girl, another, comes to swell the growing curve of the number of suicides recorded by Algeria each year. An ultimate way to escape the reproaches, pressures, found, especially adolescents. A little more teenage girls.

A study of the National Gendarmerie conducted in 2005, showed that the phenomenon particularly affects the underprivileged. Although mental disorders are usually the direct cause of suicide, the report does record cases where family problems are at their origin.

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