Attribution of more than 20,000 dwellings before the end of 2018

Algeria – More than 20,000 homes, all programs combined, will be awarded to their beneficiaries in the wilaya of Tlemcen before the end of 2018, was learned Saturday from the wali, Ali Benyaiche.

In a press conference held at Tlemcen's radio headquarters, Benyaiche said it is a quota of 10,097 public rental housing (LPL), 554 participatory housing (LSP), 6,977 units belonging to the rural habitat and 2,600 rental housing units (AADL) to be allocated through different municipalities of the wilaya. Regarding public rental housing, the same manager stressed that they have been completed and only the external work will be done after the settlement of the problem of the amounts allocated to companies, adding that it is expected of the presidents of APC the establishment of the lists of beneficiaries of rural housing aid.

As for the first quota of AADL housing, it will be awarded in mid-September with accompanying structures, including schools, CEM, high schools, announced Ali Benyaiche, arguing that emergency measures were taken and qualified companies were chosen for the realization of schools in record time. "The operation of connecting homes to the drinking water and sanitation networks has been completed and there remains only the servicing for the completion of this quota of AADL housing," said the wali, noting that the wilaya of Tlemcen has benefited this year from additional quotas including 6,300 rural housing aid and 1,600 subsidized assisted housing units (LPA) whose work will be launched in one month and 2,721 rental housing AADL in addition to 260 aid to the restoration of buildings.

In addition, Mr. Benyaiche reported a demolition of 28 homes in Ain El Houtz that will be launched "next week due to non-compliance with laws prohibiting construction on agricultural land", noting that "Any house built after the 2007 census is illegal". This operation will be extended then, he said, to all the communes which saw the elevation of constructions illegally.

The wilaya of Tlemcen has allocated, since mid-2017 until last July, 8,147 housing units, including all programs, including 2,028 LPL, 5,225 rural housing grants, 660 participative housing units, 114 assisted housing and 120 aids. to the restoration of houses.

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