"Before the flood Noah built his ark"

Algeria – Before the flood. It was before the flood that Noah built his ark. So many lessons to draw from this parable inspired by a millennial fact. So many lessons to learn. If only

Not that the clean-up campaign launched by the Minister of the Environment is useless. Far from there. It's never too late to do well. To call for hygiene. But what would we not have wanted to see the Minister of the Environment, the ministers, the deputies, the imams, the teachers, all the people doing their work, the work for which they are paid, mobilized in … January. January is a good month to clean up. January when it's cool.

Two dead. Dozens of hospitalized. Scapegoats. Hamr El Ain. And several countries fleeing Algerians as plague victims, such as cholera patients. And the Libyans. And the Egyptians. And all the others …

A cleaning campaign in January to avoid shame in August. A flood of shame.

Hygiene: When Zerouati is done … Imam and reminds the role of a mosque!

شارك هاذا المقال !

lettifi mohamed saber

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