Behind the Islamist screen, the real danger for the School … (Expert)

Algeria – "The school programs set up have always had the vocation of producing activists and not citizens."

Put in the spotlight, the Islamist movement has long been the practical argument to put forward to explain the disaster that lives the Algerian school. For all that, Sector stakeholders know better than anyone that things are not so simple. That this current is only a consequence of political and ideological choices that do not date from yesterday.

Thus, for Professor Makhlouf Nedjah, the catastrophe that the school is experiencing is largely attributable to the ideological current. Arguing his diagnosis, the latter evokes his eternal desire to lead the School to the making of "activists and not citizens."

"There is an ideological current that acts on the school in order to impose its own standards. His goal has always been to lead the School to produce activists and not citizens. This is the argument put forward by this expert on the Ennahar TV set.

Benghabrit Hat!

Finally, the expert will not fail to salute the efforts of the Minister of Education, Nouria Benghabrit for its reforms which precisely aim to protect the School from the influence of these ideologues! "I take my hat to Benghabrit for his courage," he says.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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