Bejaia: Assaulted by "parkingueurs", the young Zoubir succumbs to his wounds

Algeria – Zoubir Aïssi, 36, died on Tuesday (August 7th) of injuries inflicted by the illegal guards of a car park (commonly called "parkingueurs" in Algeria) in Aokas, in the wilaya of Bejaia.

The facts go back to last Wednesday, when this man from Oued Souf, had suffered a violent attack for refusing to pay 200 DA to park his car.

Taken in charge at Khelil Amrane hospital in Bejaia, Zoubir Aïssi died today, despite surgery.

The aggression of this young summerman by "parkingueurs" has aroused strong indignation on the social networks, especially that the phenomenon of wild car parks has often been the object of denunciation.

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