"Ben M'hidi" film: Minister Mihoubi reacts and accuses Bachir Derrais

Algeria – The controversy surrounding the ban on showing the film on the path of the symbol of the Algerian Revolution Larbi Ben M'hidi continues to swell.

In a series of tweets published on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the Minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi, reacted to the statements of the director / producer of this film, Bachir Derrais.

"I have never discussed the content of the film with the director producer, aware of the existence of a specialized viewing commission, who will comment and judge its conformity with the original text", writes the Minister, who claims to have met several times with Bachir Derrais, with the Minister of the Mojahedin. However, these meetings focused on the progress of the film.

In another tweet, Azzedine Mihoubi fired red-hot shots on director producer Bachir Derrais. "The filming of several films was started after 'Ben M'hidi' and they were completed and presented," writes the minister, citing the films "Ibn Badis" and "Augustine". Azzedine Mihoubi notes however that the film "Ben M'hidi" has been the subject of more important follow-up because of the financing and the non-regularization of the rights of operators.

According to him, this situation is due to the fact that the director-producer (Bachir Derrais) was scattered between the management of the film and the management of the production.

The Minister of Culture concludes by saying that he does not want to "argue" with anyone, because what concerns the public is the film. "The viewing commission […] has expressed reservations, as has happened with other films," he explains.

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