Benghabrit announces measures against cholera

Algeria – National Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit called on Sunday in Algiers the directors of educational institutions at the national level to take "necessary measures" to ensure the protection of students and the corporation of education against the cholera epidemic, through the reinforcement of the rules of hygiene, notably by the maintenance and the sanitation of the tanks, cisterns and toilets, in anticipation of the next school year.

In her meeting with the directors of education at the national level, Ms. Benghabrit said that "the authorities concerned, headed by the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, have taken all measures necessary to cope with the cholera epidemic ", arguing that his sector" is committed to take a series of measures, from the current week, in anticipation of the school year, through the strengthening of the rules of hygiene and the maintenance and sanitation of tanks, cisterns and sanitary facilities, with a view to preserving the health of pupils and educational personnel within the institutions ".

As part of the prevention against this epidemic, the minister advocated "the distribution of leaflets and posters in educational establishments on the preventive measures to be taken, going so far as to prohibit students from going to school. at school, where appropriate. "

The first person in charge of the sector emphasized the importance of concretizing the strategy of the sector, namely: a quality school, through "the intensification of efforts and the consecration of this school year, the year of the formation par excellence. "

The minister asked sector officials to apply the circular distributed to directors of education last June with 186 operations.

The directors of education of different wilayas take part in four workshops on "rationalization of expenditure and finances, educational innovations since 2014, training and ethics of the education sector", supervised by Central Area Managers


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