Biotechnology: Training Offer for Bright Algerian Students in German Centers

Algeria – The Director General of Scientific Research and Technological Development (DGRSDT), Hafidh Ouragh stressed on Saturday in Oran, that the Algerian-German cooperation in the field of biotechnology offers brilliant Algerian students a postgraduate training. graduation and research in the highly developed German centers in the world.

On the sidelines of a workshop at the Center for Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology (CRASC) on new biotechnologies in the service of medicine and agriculture, Mr. Ouragh told the press that "scientific research into Algeria is entering a new era of excellence through partnership with German research centers specializing in biotechnology in the fields of health and agriculture in particular. "

DGRSDT has indicated that Germany is ready to open its doors to Algerian students and researchers to carry out research in its centers with 18 Nobel Prize winners. "

A special program allows distinguished Algerian students to pursue their post-graduation studies in these German centers, "he said.

On the partnership with the Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center (FIZ) and the Max Planck Research Unit in Neurogenetics, Ouragh cited the future development of specialized drugs for the treatment of cancer. diseases including cancer through the genetic study of patients.

"To this end, a genetic database of Algerians will be created to determine their genes and their genetic susceptibility to diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and therefore facilitate their treatment and means of prevention, between others, "he said.

The Director General of the German Innovation Center for Biotechnology in Frankfurt, Christian Garbe, and the Director of the Max Planck Research Unit in Neurogenetics, Peter Mombarts, expressed their hope that this cooperation will be fruitful in terms of health in Algeria with the discovery of new and effective drugs.

The audience discussed ways to implement this program on the ground and ways of transferring German technology in the field of biotechnology in Algeria and investing in it.


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