Booba and Kaaris brought to court for aggravated violence

Rappers Booba and Kaaris were presented Friday night in immediate appearance in the court of Créteil. At the end of their custody started Wednesday afternoon, the two men and nine of their acolytes have waited all afternoon to the filing before their hearing before the judge shortly after 21:30. The eleven defendants are implicated for "aggravated violence" and, in some cases, for "theft" committed during the clashes at Orly airport two days ago. In addition to the rappers, six people from the Booba clan and three from Kaaris were brought to justice. They risk up to seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros, according to the prosecutor's office.

Elie Yaffa and Okou Armand Gnakouri, their real names, are assisted by their respective lawyers: Yann Lebras for the "Duke of Boulogne", Arash Derambarsh and Yassine Yakouti for the rapper of Sevran, but also David Olivier Kaminski, lawyer from the Kaaris Universal record label. All requested that the hearing be referred to Hearing Chair Pierre Auda.

Kaaris's counsel requested a postponement, notably on procedural grounds. The Booba defense has argued for a dismissal because of the large number of defendants. And maybe, too, because of the record of the investigation. For, according to BFM, the police came to the conclusion, examining the CCTV footage, "that the brawl was on the initiative of the Booba group that was submerging the Kaaris group." In a video posted on Snapchat, it seems before the fight, we also hear the rapper say: "it is custody that awaits me." A provocation that weakens the thesis of an aggression launched by Kaaris and his acolytes.

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