Bouteflika sacks the wali of Blida

Algeria – The President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, ended today the functions of the wali of Blida, Mustapha El-Ayadhi.

The announcement was made Monday night by public television, ENTV, in its newscast. The reason for this dismissal, which does not occur as part of a movement or reshuffle in the body of walis, was not mentioned. However, Ennahar TV reports that the wali was fired for "negligence and disrespect to the citizens"

As a reminder, the wali of Blida has been widely criticized in its management of the Cholera epidemic, which has spread widely in his wilaya. We all remember the controversial scene when he could not hide his fear of getting closer to a cholera patient in front of Boufarik hospital, during a late visit to the field. .

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