Bouteflika sends a message of condolence to the family of the late Mohamed Salah Yahiaoui

" It is with great sadness that I offer my sincere condolences, following the loss of a brave fellow soldier and a fervent defender of noble principles and ideals, namely: the mujahideen, a militant and dear friend, Mohamed Salah Yahiaoui, who bravely engaged on the battlefield, alongside the valiant ones who have fought long in the maquis and everywhere, without ever giving up or showing a sign of weakness, living in fullness, altruists of nature with sacrifice for fashion and martyrdom as aspiration ", wrote the President of the Republic.

" Disciple of the school of Muslim Ulema where he has watered the river of clemency, righteousness, pride and love of the fatherland, this young lion of the revolution did not fail in the call of duty, assuming a heavy burden that even the brave and the valiant would not dare to assume to free themselves from the clutches of an occupier, who has taken possession of our dear fatherland and taken enslaved his people for more than a century, until the outbreak of the National Liberation War, during which the mujahideen put a strain on the colonial forces, succeeding thanks to their courage and the help of God, despite of a flagrant imbalance of forces, to seek justice and recover the independence of our country "added the head of state.

" Independence was uprooted after paying a heavy price, martyrs fallen on the field of honor, while other brave mujahideen had the merit of contributing to the building of the Algerian state modern, including the brother Mohamed Salah who was a model of sacrifice (…) In this painful ordeal, I present, to the whole family of our beloved, to his relatives as well as his companions in arms, my sincere condolences and my feelings of compassion, praying to Almighty God to assist them in this sad circumstance, to welcome the deceased into his vast paradise and to grant him his holy mercy ", concluded the Head of State.

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