Budget of 43 billion centimes for the festivities of 2018 (Mihoubi)

million. Mihoubi defended his choices regarding the replacement of commissioners of a number of festivals, claiming that the festivals of Timgad and Djemila only benefited from " 50% of their usual budget ". He underlined the existence " of breaks in the management of festivals Timgad and Djemila between the past and today" adding that " the priority is the public cultural service and the care of young talents and Algerian artists on the cultural and artistic level ".

With regard to the artistic caravan whose programs were interrupted in several regions, the minister stated that " the state played its role ", calling the artists " to s' acquit themselves of their role by presenting remarkable artistic works ". He further revealed that the program " has covered 26 wilayas currently and will have affected 7000 operators including 1100 Algerian artists ", adding that the ceremony Algérama will be organized after the festivities, and to which a series evenings of great artists was planned at the Riadh Al Feth square.

Referring to the International Oran Festival of Arab Film (FIOFA), the Minister described the 11th edition of this event as " successful ", noting that " the deficiencies raised by the press enamel all the festivals of the world ". Regarding the controversy that marked the film Yamina Benguigui " Sisters " which some scenes will be shot in Algerian cities, Mr. Mihoubi said that the director had presented the script of this film to the commission of reading, which issued " reservations on points that were corrected before validation ".

The minister revealed that his services were busy organizing workshops on Algerian culture, which will be launched in November, adding that Algeria will participate as a guest of honor at several international book fairs including the salon of Sharjah, Canada and Cuba.

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