Call for a celebration of the Mawlid "without firecrackers"

Algeria – The Algerian Federation of Consumers (FAC) on Sunday called for a boycott of all pyrotechnic products, calling for a "healthy" celebration of the Mawlid Ennabaoui Echarif.

"The trade in firecrackers is illegal and harmful for both public health and the national economy," warned FAC president Zaki Hariz in a statement to the APS.

million. Hariz insisted in this context on the imperative of "boycotting the purchase of pyrotechnic products and other items illegally marketed in the informal market".

He also emphasized the work of education and sensitization incumbent on parents and social actors to "encourage young people to acquire a job through various training and integration schemes".

In addition, the price stability of consumer products has also been addressed by the president of the FAC, who calls for the meaning of "societal responsibility" of traders and economic operators.

The Algerian Consumers Federation brings together about thirty wilaya associations, including that of Oran, also chaired by Zaki Hariz.


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