Case "El-Bouchi": The son of Hamel auditioned, Tebboune Jr still incarcerated

Algeria – Ameyar Hamel, son of the former Director General of National Security, was heard a few days ago by the judge of the 9th Chamber of the specialized penal division of the court of Sidi M'hamed.

He was heard, as a witness, about his commercial activity related to his bonded warehouse in Oran, whose cold rooms were hosting shipments of meat imported from Brazil, pending customs formalities. The meat stuffed with cocaine (701 kg of hard drugs) imported by Kamel Chikhi, aka "El-Bouchi", was to be stored in these cold rooms, reports the daily El-Watan in its edition of this Sunday.

According to the same newspaper, citing judicial sources, the investigating judge has for some time been very interested in the activities of Abdelghani Hamel's three children. For this purpose, an investigation is opened on "all the property, companies and financial participations of the siblings from now on in the viewfinder of the justice".

The hearing of the ex-DGSN Abdelghani Hamel required

The lawyers of Kamel Chikhi judge, moreover, "very important" the remarks made by Abdelghani Hamel on his last day at the head of the police.

"the remarks made publicly by the former boss of the police in front of the television cameras are very important. He spoke of serious overruns during the preliminary investigation and said he had information about the case. It is therefore essential for us to have more details. ", Say the defense lawyers, who request the hearing of the former DGSN.

The son of former Prime Minister Tebboune still incarcerated

Khaled Tebboune, son of the controversial former Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune, is still imprisoned in the so-called Kamel El-Bouchi case.

Indeed, a four-month detention extension procedure was validated in mid-October against six defendants, including the son of Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the personal driver of Abdelghani Hamel, the former Mayor of Ben Aknoun and two magistrates

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