Cases of rotten meat are "isolated" (APOCE)

Algeria – The scenario of putrefaction of mutton breeds. The website Ennahar On Line has been broadcasting images of blue meat through videos posted yesterday, which caused great anxiety among Algerian consumers who were forced to throw their sheep in the trash.

According to Ennhar On Line, the sheep scandal erupted in several wilayas of the country namely Bordj Bou Arreridj, Annaba, Rouiba and Algiers.

The President of the Association for the Protection and Orientation of the Consumer and its Environment (APOCE), Mustapha Zebdi, took stock. Mr. Zebdi said that the awareness campaign launched by his association, the Ministry of Agriculture and veterinary control services has had a positive impact on consumers and on sheep farming.

He indicates that APOCE has recorded "isolated cases" of rotten meat.The first case was recorded in Boufarik. The few cases recorded in Algiers and Oran are "minimal", he said, stating that 99% of cases concern, in general, "anarchic" outlets that do not respect the rules of fattening.

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