Cesarean section reduces breastfeeding (specialist)

This was revealed, the head of neonatal service at the University Hospital, Mustapha Bacha, Pr. Djamil Lebane who has sounded the alarm about the "decline in breastfeeding" in recent years. the cesarean deliveries keep the mother away from her baby, depriving her of her right to breastfeeding ".

In this regard, the specialist expressed regret at the increase in this practice at the level of maternity services of EPH having exceeded 50%, which has moved mothers away from breastfeeding, before deploring " the advertising campaigns carried out by certain laboratories in favor of milk powder at the expense of breast-feeding "

Me.Nadira Merad, a member of the midwives' union, emphasized the importance of breast milk, which is rich in minerals and vitamins, which offers, she adds, "immunity sufficient "to the child throughout his life. She called on pregnant women to naturally feed their children, stressing the importance of the "first drops of breast milk, often neglected by women".

In addition to her natural products, the same intervener recalled the contribution of breast milk in the protection of children from certain dangerous diseases and the mother of certain cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian of the cervix

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