Cevital accuses the Port of "economic sabotage" … For whose benefit? (Documents)

Algeria – "Liar", "Saboteur". Said Benikene, Executive Director of the Cevital Group, was not dead in response to the words of the CEO of the Port Services Group (Serport), entrusted to ALG24 on Sunday, August 5.

"M. Djelloul Achour persists in the lie to cover an act of economic sabotage ". This is what he replies in an answer, reported by the TSA Site, the same day, and relayed by several media this Monday, August 6.

"M. Achour is only an instrument in this affair. Unfortunately, the first victim is the economy of our country, "says CEO of Cevital.

Serious charges that raise several questions, including: who benefits from this sabotage?

Especially since Algeria has never crushed seed. It is therefore a segment that arouses the interest of several operators, including competitors of Cevital. Questions to which ALG24 will return shortly

The truths of Cevital

"After receiving from Cevital a scathing and factual denial, documents in support, in the case of land to accommodate the crushing plant, Djelloul Achour has just re-offended by saying that the crushing equipment seized by the Skikda port, after having been cleared and left by Cevital, have not in fact been cleared, "says Benikene. But, he says, the containers imported via the port of Skikda in early July were indeed cleared on 8 July. They were resumed only on July 18, 10 days after leaving the port.

To support its remarks, Cevital relies on Algerian Customs documents – joint-. The latter prove, according to the Cevital group, the clearance of the crushing equipment on 8 July 2018.

Cevital accuses the Port of inventing authorizations to block it!

An argument has been made by the CEO of Serport to justify the blocking of Cevital. He claims that the proposed oilseed crushing plant for imported industrial equipment "suffers from lack of authorization".

An argument to which the CEO of Cevital opposes a categorical denial. For him, "there is no authorization to obtain to import industrial equipment."

"As for the absence of authorizations advanced by Mr Djelloul Achour, it seems to us essential today that the latter gives the regulatory references. But also, the name of the documents, as well as the designation of the authorities who must deliver them, "Said Benikene. For him, this lack of legal justification is "the reason why Mr Achour gave no justification. And did not refer to any regulatory text in his instruction sent to the CEOs and CEOs of all Algerian ports. And this, to block the unloading of the crushing equipment of Cevital ".

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