Chadian diplomat arrested for scamming 244 Algerian pilgrims

Algeria – This is a scam affair that exploded in Algeria, whose alleged defendant is a Chadian diplomat who swindled 244 Algerian pilgrims.

The president of the Chadian community in Algeria went to a travel agency, in the wilaya of Ghardaia, in possession of a Chadian diplomatic passport. The diplomat thus proposed to the agency a partnership that consists in finding 244 people wishing to go to Mecca and compensate a part of their expenses by those of Chadian nationals residing in Algeria, because most of these do not exist. do not have the means to fulfill their fifth pillar of Islam. The two parties thus agreed.

The 244 Algerian pilgrims have, moreover, sent the diplomat an amount, estimated at 5.8 billion centimes, some of them have transmitted sums, in installments, to his bank account and others are moved to his home in Baba Ali, in the wilaya of Algiers, and gave him the money.

The travel agency, for its part, spent a large sum for the preparation of the trip and the booking of airplanes for the 244 pilgrims so that at the end the Chadian diplomat will not pick up the phone and cut off all communication with the agency and flee to Chad.

The agency subsequently lodged complaints with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chad Embassy in Algeria, which denied that this person was a diplomat. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs then intervened for the Chadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to launch an operation for the arrest of the fugitive accused. The accused was also arrested at an airport in Chad with 1.3 billion centimes.

The accused was resident in Algeria for 17 years and was married to four Algerian women, including a journalist in a national newspaper.

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