Chaffaa Bouaiche suspended from all activity at the FFS

Algeria-Nothing goes to the FFS anymore. After taking the reins of the party, Ali Laskri's relatives begin to "clean up". Those who oppose their course of action are systematically excluded

This is the case of the deputy of Béjaïa, Chaffaâ Bouaich who has just been "suspended" from any political activity pending its translation before a disciplinary committee of the party. Before this decision, signed by the first national secretary, Mohamed Hadj-Djilani, the activist was dismissed from his position as leader of the FFS parliamentary group. It was last June on the occasion of the renewal of the instances of the NPC.

After having managed to impose an extraordinary Congress to renew the members of the presidential body, Ali Laskri, guided by Mohand-Amokrane Cherifi who prefers to remain in the shadows, began to dismiss all those suspected to be close to the former "black cabinet" of the former president, Hocine Ait-Ahmed. If the Baloul preferred to remain silent, Chaffaâ Bouaiche, he intervenes regularly in the public debate and even allowed himself to criticize the direction of his party. His translation before the Disciplinary Committee will probably lead to his definitive dismissal as is often the case in this party.

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