Choice of sites and payment of the 2nd installment, fixed date

Algeria – The operation of the choice of sites under the AADL 2 program (2013), will be launched on December 11, announced the Ministry of Housing of Urban Planning and of the City.

To do this, the Ministry of Housing will officially open an electronic site on December 11, allowing subscribers AADL 2 (2013) to choose their sites via internet and pay the second installment of the cost of their housing to CPA agencies.

The Ministry of guardianship, also provides, according to the site Ennahar On Line to launch the operation of distribution of AADL housing in December.

A total of some 20,000 housing units will be distributed to subscribers "AADL 1" of Algiers and subscribers "AADL2" of Oran, Tlemcen and Bechar.

According to the same source, 9000 subscribers will also benefit in December from their homes in the new city of Bouiane east of Blida.

It is also about the distribution of 2,500 homes in the new city of Sidi Abdellah. 2470 housing units will also be distributed in Oran to subscribers AAdl2, 750 housing units in Bechar and 1200 in Tlemcen, indicates the Ministry of supervision.

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