Cholera: 6 communes of Algiers affected, map on the evolution of the revealed epidemic

Algeria – The Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA) published yesterday, Thursday, August 30, a long press release on the evolution of cholera in Algeria since August 7, when the first case was registered.

In a map on "the evolution of cholera cases from August 7th to 24th" attached to this press release, the Institut Pasteur unveils the communes where confirmed cholera cases were recorded through 6 wilayas in the center of the country .

Thus, in the capital Algiers, at least 6 communes were affected until 24 August. These are the communes of Dergana, Gué de Constantine, Baraki, Birtouta, Douéra and Sidi Moussa.

In the wilaya of Blida, there are 11 communes relatively affected by this epidemic. These are the communes of Ben Khelil, Boufarik, Chebli, Larbaâ, Oued Alleug, Bouinan, Beni Mered, Ouled Yaïch, Blida, Chiffa and Oued Djer.

In Tipaza, two cholera outbreaks were identified, namely Hamr El-Ain where more than 11 cases were recorded and Kolea. In Ain Defla, confirmed cases of cholera have been recorded in Miliana.

Other cases were also recorded at Tablat (Medea) and Ain Bessam (Bouira).

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