Cholera: 90 suspected cases hospitalized (new balance sheet)

Algeria – The specialist in infectious diseases at the Boufarik hospital, Dr. Amin Abdellah gave this Wednesday morning, on the channel Ennahar TV, the latest figures on the Cholera epidemic that has been spreading since the beginning of August, stating that 90 people suspected of being infected by Cholera are currently in Boufarik hospital (Blida).

This specialist has indicated that since August 14, the hospital has received 172 cases, including 59 confirmed cases, 55 cases in Boufarik and two deaths recorded.

He also reports that 60 patients have left the hospital, while the other cases await the results of the analyzes for better medical care in this hospital.

In this regard, the same specialist explained that the patient infected by Cholera, even once he cures, he remains carrier of the epidemic for 15 days after leaving the hospital.

Dr. Amin Abdellah added, in this context that 40% of people infected with Cholera, were unaware of their disease.

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