Cholera, Finance Act 2019: Meeting of the Government this Sunday

Algeria – Several days after the outbreak of the cholera epidemic, the government will finally react. Ahmed Ouyahia will be chairing a government meeting on Sunday where he will focus on the management of the cholera epidemic, ALG24 has learned, confirming information from TSA.

According to an official source, the government's re-entry meeting was long overdue. It must essentially study the draft of the Finance Bill 2019 and the preparations for the start of the social season that will be announced in a week.

But the appearance of the cholera epidemic and the panic that has won the populations of some wilayas in the center of the country, has turned upside down the government program. It must now focus on finding the answers that can reassure the population following the appearance of an epidemic that has disappeared from the country since 1996.

According to the same source, a Draft Budget Regulation Bill 2016 will also be presented by the Minister of Finance and discussed at this meeting. For its part, the Minister of the Post and TTN will present two draft Executive Decrees on the management of the general services of the Post and electronic communications.

This meeting will mark the political return of the team of Ahmed Ouyahia who, he, did not take leave. The other members of his cabinet each took two weeks off in three successive waves.

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