Cholera in Algeria: France calls its citizens to vigilance

Algeria – The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued yesterday, Sunday, August 26, an alert published on its website, in the section "Advice to travelers". The French authorities call on their nationals to be vigilant in the face of the spread of the cholera epidemic.

"Several cases of cholera have been diagnosed in the north and center of the country (Bouira, Blida, Tipasa, Algiers, Medea, Ain Defla). The Algerian Ministry of Health and Population reports that a source in the Tipasa region would cause the contamination but that tap water would remain potable. ", Reads

"In all cases, it is imperative to pay particular attention to the rules of hygiene and safety in order to protect yourself from digestive contaminations or contact (see Health section of this sheet: SOME SIMPLE RULES)." still writes French diplomacy, which concludes by recalling WHO's recommendations.

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