Cholera in Algeria: the balance sheet passes to 139 cases, of which 46 confirmed

Algeria – The assessment of the cholera epidemic detected in the north of the country worsened today, Saturday, August 25, according to new figures revealed by the Ministry of Health.

In a statement issued today, the department of Mokhtar Hasbellaoui reports 139 suspected cases of cholera, 46 of which were confirmed. These 46 confirmed cases were recorded in six wilayas, namely Bouira (3 cases), Blida (25 cases), Tipaza (18 cases), Algiers (22 cases), Medea (1 case) and Ain Defla (1 case).

The Ministry of Health also returns to the first outbreak of Cholera detected. It is a source of water located in the locality of Sidi El-Kebir, commune of Ahmer El-Ain, wilaya of Tipaza. Tests have shown that this source is contaminated by cholera Vibrion (Vibrio cholerae).

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