Cholera in Algeria: The French Embassy denounces "groundless rumors"

Algeria – The collective hysteria that Algeria has seen since the announcement of a cholera epidemic is followed by a widespread dissemination of Fake news.

Some media, including Echorouk TV, relayed yesterday rumors that the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health would require a medical certificate for travelers from Algeria.

In a statement issued this Sunday, the Embassy of France brings a categorical denial. "Some rumors broadcast on social networks, relayed by some media, report measures that would have been put in place by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health, with regard to travelers from Algeria." French diplomatic mission.

"These rumors evoke the need for travelers to submit" a medical certificate of non-contamination by cholera disease ", in the absence of which" a paid medical visit would be mandatory on arrival at French airports ", reads we still

To this end, the Embassy of France in Algeria "denies these unfounded rumors and states that no measure of this type was established by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health."

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