Cholera in Algeria: Two new wilayas affected

Algeria – The Cholera epidemic spread in two new wilayas. After cases were recorded in four wilayas of the North, two others were added to this list.

In a statement to Ennahar TV, the Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Djamel Fourar, discusses cases of Cholera in the wilayas of Medea and Ain Defla, where a case was recorded in each of them.

These two wilayas are added to Blida, Algiers, Tipaza and Bouira. In the latter, where the first outbreak had been identified in Ain Bessam, the epidemic would have been contained. "There were 6 cases in the wilaya of Bouira, but no other case has been reported since August 14," he said and add: "So we have stopped the outbreak in this wilaya . "

In addition, Djamel Fourar states that so far, 139 cases of cholera have been recorded nationwide, including 90 in Blida, 22 in Algiers and 19 in Tipaza.

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