Cholera: only 10 patients remain hospitalized (ministry)

Algeria – The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform issued today, Monday, September 3, a new report on the spread of cholera in Algeria.

According to this new report, there are only 10 cholera patients still hospitalized at the EPH Boufarik, in the wilaya of Blida. "Only 10 patients remain hospitalized at EPH Boufarik, all others have been declared outgoing after healing," the statement said.

The epidemic thus remains circumscribed at the level of the wilaya of Blida. The number of suspected hospitalized cases has decreased significantly in recent days, with an average of 6 cases per day.

"Health teams remain deployed and mobilized in the field until identification of the source of contamination," said the statement of the Department of Mokhtar Hasbellaoui, stating that the health monitoring system will remain in effect until the extinction of the epidemic

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