Cholera: The starting point is in the periphery of the wilaya of Blida (minister)

Algeria – The Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Mokhtar Hasbellaoui, hosted a first press conference on the situation related to the spread of cholera in Algeria.

Asked mainly about the origin of the spread of this disease, the minister said that "the starting point should be in the periphery of the wilaya of Blida".

According to him, a link was established between the majority of people affected by this disease and are all concentrated in the periphery of the wilaya of Blida, about fifty kilometers from the capital Algiers.

Thus, very likely, the people affected, at least the majority, would have been contaminated by the same household. "For the moment, the analyzes have proved that a natural water source in Ahmer El-Ain (Tipaza) is contaminated by the cholera vibrio," he said.

The minister calls on citizens to avoid drinking water from uncontrolled sources. Owners of water tarpaulins should also get closer to the local authorities to assist them in the control.

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