Cholera: What role for the DGSN in the fight against the epidemic?

Algeria – After Health, Agriculture, Water Resources, it is the DGSN that mobilizes its troops to make its contribution in the fight against this scourge which strikes, according to the last balance sheet 7 wilayas: cholera.

Thus, Colonel Mustapha Lahbiri instructed all security officials at the wilayas level to mobilize field units. And this, to escort the ambulances which transport the patients likely to be contaminated.

This instruction aims to lend a hand to the units of the Civil Protection. Especially since they show superhuman efforts these last days. Particularly in their tasks of transporting patients or suspected cases

According to the site the Ennahar On line site, which reports this information, it is to allow ambulances to move more easily. Especially in large cities often clogged during peak hours at wilayas Center, Algiers, Tipaza, Bouira.

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