Cocaine scandal: the false claims of Kamel's lawyer "El-Bouchi"

Algeria – The defense of Kamel Chikhi, alias "El-Bouchi", breaks the silence, in an attempt to clear the main defendant in the attempt to introduce from the port of Oran 701 kg of cocaine.

In an interview with the French-language daily, El-Watan, Me Saïd Younsi, Kamel Chikhi's lawyer, almost claims that his client has nothing to do with the cocaine seized in the container he imported.

To argue his claims, Me Saïd Younsi notes inconsistencies and disturbing facts, in the change of seals of the container in question.

In this interview published by El-Watan in his edition of this Monday, Me Younsi says that his client has not set foot in Brazil since 2009. "How can one buy such a quantity (of cocaine) without to travel even once to Brazil? ", argues the lawyer, saying that" Chikhi has not been there since 2009. "

However, a well-informed source told ALG24 that Kamel Chikhi did go to Brazil in June 2014. "In mid-June 2014, Kamel Chikhi accompanied a press team in Sao Paulo so that 'it makes infomercials about the halal character of the meat it imports,' says our source who requires anonymity.

"There were a total of seven people, including journalist and Imam of Hydra. They took a flight from Air France to Paris, then a flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil ", explains our source.

A few days later, Dzair TV, owned by Ali Haddad, broadcast a report on Hallal meat imported from Brazil. A work signed by a journalist who had accompanied Kamel Chikhi in Brazil.

One wonders if Kamel Chikhi's defense is willingly trying to hide his client's trip to Brazil? or was this statement made by ignorance?

Video of the report produced by Dzair TV

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