Collapse of three buildings in Marseille: an Algerian undocumented among the disappeared

Algeria – At least eight people are missing after the collapse of three dilapidated buildings in the center of Marseille. Among them is a 36-year-old Algerian

First named Sheriff, the victim arrived in 2016 in the second largest city of France leaving his wife and children in Algeria, according to La Provence. On the spot, this undocumented, as affirms the regional newspaper, found his cousin Saida and his daughter Lynda. His last attempts for a few days to get news about him.

"In the neighborhood, everyone knows him. We are convinced that he is under the rubble, we are waiting for the official confirmation of his death in order to recover the body and return it to his family … ", they explained. And openwork, "It is tattooed on the chest and calf and has a scar in the neck."

Moreover, the collapse of the three buildings provoked a lively controversy in France. Indeed, while relief was being used to clear the rubble, and if possible find victims, the town hall of the district where the tragedy took place, in other words the 6th e and 8 e district of the Phocaean city, hosted a party devoted to Christmas chocolates, reports Bfmtv. An evening that has not been enjoyed by more than one.

To denounce the insalubrious habitat, a citizen survey was launched last Wednesday. Accompanied by the hashtag #BalanceTonTaudis, derived from #BalanceTonPorc, she has, in the space of 24 hours, gathered several dozen testimonials that have been shared on Twitter, according to the same media.

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