Commander Azzedine responds to "The Republic of the Sons of …."

The article in the daily El Watan on the affairs of the sons of senior officials entitled, "The Republic of the Sons of …", continues to spark controversy. Commander Azzedine also reacted to the daily's revelations.

After the answers of the son of General Toufik and the family of Khaled Nezzar, it is the turn of Commander Azzedine to answer the independent daily.

Interviewed by the author of the controversial article, Khaoula Taleb Ibrahimi said: "(…) Boumediène will also join forces with a number of his former companions, whether they have been in the NLA or in organizations of the FLN by giving them economic advantages, example of Khalifa Laroussi, Salah Boubnider, Commander Azzedine and others ".

"I would like to make a formal and categorical denial. I have never benefited from any economic aid of the power of Houari Boumediène ", so answered the former member of the General Staff during the Revolution to the accusation of Mrs. Taleb Ibrahimi.

The latter was anxious to apologize: "I was a citizen disgusted by all these revelations that waved unheard-of sums, draw hasty conclusions and I am sorry."

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