commissioning of a semi-Olympic swimming pool in Ferdjioua

Algeria – A new semi-Olympic swimming pool in the commune of Ferdjioua (Mila) was commissioned on Wednesday, the deputy director of the Directorate of Youth and Sports ( DJS).

The realization of this new sports infrastructure required a financial envelope of about 295 million dinars, Faycal Boudouh said, noting that this project was carried out on two (2) phases. The first phase, scheduled for 2015, consisted of the completion of the major works, while the second phase, launched in January 2016, was reserved for the implementation of the water supply system, explained the same responsible.

This sports infrastructure, capable of hosting official competitions, has a pool 25 m long and 20 m wide, and a small pool, 16 m long and 10 m wide, For beginners, said Boudouh, adding that the project also includes a 500-seat grandstand, an administrative pavilion, a medical care room, and several other facilities. This pool is open free of charge to the citizens of Ferdjioua commune and to neighboring municipalities, said the same official, saying that this infrastructure reinforces the three (3) Olympic swimming pools of the municipalities of Mila, Tadjenanet and Chelghoum Laid, as well as the swimming pool near the town of Teleghma.

The youth and sports sector of the wilaya of Mila will be reinforced by other swimming pools, with the reception of a local swimming pool in the commune of Yahia Beni Guecha, announced the same source, noting that the work on this project has reached " an appreciable rate ".

million. Boudouh said, moreover, that the mobile pools, set up in 29 municipalities of the wilaya under the Blue Plan, have welcomed nearly 67,650 young people since the beginning of the summer season. He also noted that in the course of the same operation, nearly 8,150 children benefited from excursions and trips to the beaches of the wilaya of Jijel, 935 children from the head of the wilaya went to the organized holiday camps in the wilaya of Bejaia, and 275 young people benefited from the activities in the framework of the exchanges between the young people of the wilayas of Skikda and Algiers.

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