Constitution and Amazigh language: Two important organic laws come into effect

Algeria – The organic law laying down the conditions and procedures for the implementation of the exception of unconstitutionality and the Organic Law relating to the Algerian Academy of the Amazigh Language officially come into force on Thursday, or at the latest on Saturday , with their publication in the Official Journal of the Republic, learned ALG24 from official sources.

The first law, the one relating to the exception of unconstitutionality, lays down the general principles of the exception of unconstitutionality which provides that "any party to the proceedings may raise the objection before the ordinary courts and the administrative courts, including for the first time on appeal or in cassation. This law was drafted after the constitutional revision of 2016.

The second law, that related to the Algerian Academy of Amazigh Language, is developed under Article 4 of the Revised Constitution which enshrines Tamazight's official and national language. This law now fies the modalities of organization and operation of the Academy, "authority of reference for issues related to the Amazigh language."

Among the missions entrusted to this Academy, which depends directly on the Presidency of the Republic, the development of a reference dictionary of the Amazigh language. The number of members of the Academy should not exceed 50, however, the president of this body can appeal to external members.

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