Creation of the first artificial reefs off the Ain Benian beach in September

As part of a program developed by the Directorate General of Fisheries and Aquaculture at the level of the Ministry of Agriculture, it will proceed, next month, the creation of the first artificial reefs in the wilaya of Algiers, off the beach of Ain Benian, in partnership with several associations activating in the field of environment and scuba diving clubs, said the director of fisheries of the wilaya of Algiers, Rabia Zerrouki at the APS

The project will be carried out in coordination with the National School of Marine Sciences and Coastal Development (ENSSMAL) and the diving club of Ain Benian "el Mordjane", has she continued, saying that the work of realization of the structure to be immersed have been finalized, in anticipation of its implementation next month. The experience will be supervised by the members of the diving club of Aïn Benian and the doctoral students of ENSSMAL who will take care to note any evolution registered at the level of the structure.

Artificial reefs are submerged structures, the essential purpose of which is to level and reduce the human footprint on coastal ecosystems, by virtue of their aesthetic appearance and landscape interest, indicated Ms. Zerouki. " These are real fish houses, creators of biodiversity and biomass, essential for the preservation of halieutic wealth on the Algerian coast ", she continued, stressing that their creation has was dictated by the strong coastal pollution recorded in recent years at the capital level.

She cited the successful experience of the Hippone scuba diving club Annaba which has since 2016 in the implementation of the project of artificial reefs to protect marine biodiversity in the region of Annaba and repopulate the deserted areas of all underwater life. The project was also the theme of a 54-minute documentary film "Les Maisons de mer", the first scientific documentary "100% Algerian", signed by a young technical team of underwater biologists, led by director Hamza Mendil.

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