Crime at the beach Aokas: A stopped Parkingueur, three accomplices on the run!

Algeria – One of the Parkingueurs, alleged perpetrators, the unspeakable crime perpetrated last week on the beach of Aokas (Bejaia), against a young summer comes, Wednesday, August 8, to be arrested by the National Gendarmerie.

He was named as the main perpetrator of the crime by witnesses. Three of his accomplices remain on the run and are actively wanted.

Killed, one month before his wedding, because he refused to be racketed by 200 Dinars by self-proclaimed guardians of car parks, also known as Parkingeurs! The young mason, Zoubir Aissi, had his whole life before him. At 36 years the stupidity was right of him. She deprives him of life

In Bjeaia as in El Oued, where he comes from, it is the excitement and misunderstanding of so much violence. So much contempt for life

Especially since it comes just a few weeks after the murder of a father in the beach of Bousfer in Oran, in the same conditions and by the same: a mafia who has taken all the beaches .

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