Death of a 14-month-old infant at El Bayadh

Algeria: No less than twenty (20) cases of measles were recorded in the wilaya of El Bayadh including a death of a baby of fourteen months, it was learned from hospital sources this Saturday, September 09.

The hospitals of El Bayadh, a town 503.19 km from Algiers, were on Sunday alert after the discovery of no less than twenty suspected cases of measles and after registering a death including a 14-month-old infant , indicates the hospital "Mohamed Boudiaf" of the wilaya of El Bayadh.

At present, teams are mobilized to sterilize the places whose cases have been detected.

The balance sheet stopped today by the health services has reported a total of 20 registered cases of measles in this wilaya of the South.

In addition, the head of the pediatric department of the hospital, Dr. Tounsi Noureddine indicated that registered cases mainly concern children under 16 years old with symptoms of the disease. "They were taken care of by the medical staff of the hospital.There are only 7 cases to consult, 6 of which are described as" stable "and one that remains in critical condition," said the pediatrician.

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