Decline in commercial activity in the first quarter of 2018 (ONS)

In a survey-based survey of merchants, the ONS notes that this decline in commercial activity is mainly reported by merchants of machinery and equipment, as well as those of the drugstore, hardware store, household appliances and perfumery (DQAEMP).

Moreover, most of the merchants surveyed complain of slow procurement formalities and long supply periods.

More than 69% of wholesalers and close to 18% of retailers claim to have recorded stock-outs of products, with the most affected being those of machinery and equipment and those of D.Q.A.E.M.P.

Also, close to 41% of wholesalers and 17% of retailers obtained their supplies from the private sector only, mainly raw materials, textiles and foodstuffs.

In addition, nearly 57% of these wholesalers and more than 75% of these retailers have sourced from the public and private sectors at the same time, particularly those from the agri-food, fuel and lubricants and machinery sectors. and equipment.

Most wholesalers and more than 87% of retailers surveyed buy their goods first-hand. The rest buys them in second or third hand, especially those of textiles and those of multiple trade.

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