Defamation trial: Anis Rahmani says he is "satisfied" with the decision of the court (Video)

Algeria – Ennahar Media Group CEO Anis Rahmani, one of the plaintiffs in the defamation suit against Abdou Semmar and the "Algeria Part" site, today said he was "satisfied" with the judge's decision who ordered further investigation with the release of the accused.

For Anis Rahmani, this decision proves that the judge "understood, studying the case, that the case is not only Abdou Semmar and Merouane Boudiab, it is greater than that", he declared.

"The judge, in my opinion, saw that the case is larger to reach only two people," said the CEO of Ennahar, adding that it would be "an organized network." According to him, it would be wiser to ask for further investigation that will provide material evidence.

According to him, other persons, including two women mentioned by the accused, will be heard in the context of the further investigation.

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