Defeat of 2 attempts of illicit transfer of foreign currency

Algeria – Border police services at Algiers and Oran International Airport foiled two attempts to illegally transfer foreign currency abroad, said Thursday the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) in a statement.

In Oran, the Air Border Police at the Ahmed Ben Bella International Airport arrested a foreign national following a surveillance operation conducted jointly by elements of the national security and Algerian customs


This foreign national was arrested as he was preparing to leave Oran to Istanbul (Turkey) with 155,000 dollars and 2,700 euros, not declared, said the same source.

In Algiers, the police forces of the air borders at the international airport "Houari Boumediene" arrested an individual who was about to leave the national territory for Turkey in possession of 23,400 euros, not declared.

The police forces, through various wilayas, also arrested 5 people and recovered 2,250 psychotropic tablets in separate operations carried out as part of the fight against crime.

In Jijel, wilaya police security forces arrested an individual for involvement in the illicit trade in antiquities.

According to the same source, a search carried out in the accused's home, under a warrant, allowed the recovery of 310 pieces of ancient coins.


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