DGNS: What is the SPS, VIP protection service?

Algeria – The Director General of National Security, Mustapha El-Habiri, as reported this morning by ALG24, terminated the duties of Police Comptroller Mehdi Mehidi, Chief of the Protection and Security Service (SPS), a unit attached directly to the DGSN cabinet

What is this service whose mission is to ensure the protection of personalities, including ministers and other senior officials of the state?

The agents of the SPS are those men and women in costumes and black glasses that accompany the personalities, in other words, "bodyguards".

Each member of the government has his close protection. In case of a field visit, escorts of the same service are mobilized and change according to permanence.

Over-trained, these close protection officers leave their positions only when the Minister returns to his home. During their mission, these agents do not use a mobile phone, but another special communication device. In addition, they are bound by professional secrecy.

The SPS is directly attached to the cabinet of El-Habiri, then the mission of protection and accompaniment of personalities returns to the Directorate General of National Security, in accordance with the laws that set the organization of its missions.

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