Disappeared for 7 days in a prehistoric cave … Batna alert to find Adel! (Video)

Algeria – Batna is full of caves, often invisible from the surface. They are none the less there. Sometimes just put under foot.

This is the case of this large cavity buried nearly 60 meters underground in Ras Layoun. That's where Adel came down, a week ago. He has not given any sign of life since. Several bodies, including Civil Protection helped by volunteers, have been trying to find him since …

It must be said that Batna has always been this place that has never ceased to arouse the imagination. Notably by the mysteries and legends that surround this city of Aures.

The Khenguet Cave Si Mohamed-Tahar, also known as the Capelletti Cave, is one of those sources of extraordinary legends, sometimes tragic, that generations pass from father to son. No mystery to this when we know that this last dates from the Neolithic era, nearly 7000 years BC!

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