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Algeria – There is a strong demand for history books at Salon 2018 which will end on November 10th. Algerians also prefer to buy books corresponding to their specialties and their formations.

"I'm looking for a book on information and communication," says a young media specialist, during a report on the subject "Sarih jidan" broadcast on Ennahar TV.

Same thing for this young woman who came to the salon to acquire the books that better match her specialty. "I'm looking for a book on personal developments that is my specialty," she replied.

This opinion was not shared by other visitors met at this worship event and interviewed on the issue. Many visitors are assigned by the history books. This is the case of a young woman who comes for the third time in the salon to buy a history book entitled "Târîkh Soukout Baghdâd3 " .

A man seems to have the same vision of things. He is attracted by the books of the Algerian Revolution. Hardly, he entered the living room, he chooses the book "the war of independence." For him, "it is history that clarifies us about the future."

Other visitors prefer scientific books. The choice is also based on the books of medicine, law, novels especially love not to mention religious books and textbooks.

However many visitors believe that prices remain inaccessible for some social classes, mainly technical books!

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