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Algeria – The reform of the baccalaureate is still relevant. Mohamed Chaïb Draa Tani, Counselor at the Ministry of National Education, Chaib DraâTani gives details of the 2021 tank, the contours of which are becoming clearer.

The calculation is simpler. The score for the continuous assessment, taken into account in the 2020 baccalaureate, will be calculated on the basis of the general grade obtained during the three semesters of the second year of secondary education, added to that obtained during the three semesters of the third year of secondary education, all divided by 2.

The average of the second and third year will be the grade of the continuous assessment with a coefficient of "1". Thus the average of the Baccalaureate whose tests will take place in 3 days and whose coefficient has not yet been unveiled, will include the note of the evaluation.

To this end, the counselor ensures that the students' grades will be transmitted, every quarter of the school year, via the Internet, to the National Office for Examinations and Competitions (ONEC).

Mr. Chaib Draâ Tani regrets the fact that some parties dispute these new measures of the reform of the bac, on the basis that these decisions were taken after consultation with the social partners.However, he insists that the subjects of education Islamic and history will be part of the Baccalaureate written examinations.

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