Discovery of 7 cases of foot-and-mouth disease among cattle for slaughter

Algeria – Veterinarians at Hussein Dey abattoir (Algiers) on Tuesday discovered foot-and-mouth disease symptoms in seven heads of cattle for slaughter, said interim veterinary inspector wilaya, M. Mustapha Mebarki.

The team of veterinarians activating at the abattoir of Hussein Dey (Algiers) discovered Tuesday " symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease among 7 heads of cattle for slaughter ," said Mr Mebarki, noting that a slaughter procedure was immediately launched to prevent the consumption of these meats. The same official reported several measures taken by the relevant departments from the appearance of the first home on June 21 in Tizi Ouzou, and that in order to eliminate any possible occurrence of the disease in the capital.

million. Mebarki further asserted that no case of foot-and-mouth disease was reported in Algiers except for cases recorded among the heads of cattle intended for slaughter at the Hussein Dey slaughterhouse in a total of 20 cases. The reported cases were recorded on cattle heads from other wilayas who have experienced this disease recently, added the official. The operation to vaccinate cattle heads against foot-and-mouth disease in the capital ended in late June and early July, Mebarqi said, adding that the number of cattle in the capital is between 9000 to 10.000 heads.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries concluded a procurement contract for two (2) million vaccines as part of the measures to combat foot-and-mouth disease, while breeders are required to refrain from buying cattle and report any suspected cases of this fever.

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