dismantling of two criminal gangs specialized in Internet fraud

The police officers of the 21st Urban Police, in collaboration with the Judicial Police, arrested four individuals who were the subject of arrest warrants for fraud on social networks.

In-depth investigations into the activity of the main suspect who rented vehicles with false identities and exposed them on the Net at prices ranging between 765,000 and 1,505,000 AD, resulted in the seizure of a false license to drive carrying his photograph which he exploited in his displacements.

Legal proceedings were instituted against the mis en cause, which was prosecuted in cases of criminal conspiracy and fraud, to bring him before the courts.

The services of the Bir El Djir daira's 26th urban security service (Oran) also dismantled a criminal network composed of three individuals also specialized in scam targeting victims via the same ad site to extract sums of money. money in transactions of buying contraband vehicles from European countries with forged documents.

Legal proceedings have been instituted against the three arrested defendants, pending their referral to the courts.

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