DOCUMENT- Cholera: The Ministry launched the alert 24 hours before the announcement

Algeria – The Ministry of Health announced last Thursday the spread in several wilaya of an epidemic of Cholera.

In an instruction sent by the department of Mokhtar Hasbellaoui Wednesday, August 22, 24 hours before the announcement of the confirmation of the disease, Walis and various organs of health were put on alert.

This is, according to documents obtained by ALG24, a note sent by the Director of Prevention, Djamel Fourar, on the "conduct to be held in front of a suspected case of cholera."

"The rupture or absence of environmental health measures exposes our country to a high risk of recrudescence of water-borne diseases, including dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera," writes the Ministry of Health. health.

In the first appendix of this note, the department of Hasbellaoui informs of the action to take in front of a suspected case of Cholera.

"Any suspicion of cholera must immediately raise a series of measures aimed at the disease," reads the note.

Among the instructions issued, "patients at risk of spreading the disease around water must be hospitalized and isolated, even if the degree of dehydration is minimal."


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