DOCUMENT Interpol- No arrest warrant against the boss of "Trust" Algeria

Algeria – At the beginning of August, Algerian media reported that Algeria's "Trust" boss, Jordanian Ghazi Abu Nahl, was targeted by an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol.

This information was very quickly denounced by the first concerned, who brought a categorical denial.

Three weeks later, ALG24 managed to obtain documents from Interpol, proving that Ghazi Kamel Abu Nahl is not targeted by any arrest warrant. This is a response to the lawyers of the boss of "Trust" Algeria, made on July 16 by the General Secretariat of the International Criminal Police Organization, based in Lyon, France.

In his reply, the Interpol General Secretariat reassures lawyer Nicholas Querée of the London office "Peters & Peters" that his client, namely Ghazi Kamel Abu Nahl, is not, at this time, the object of no prosecution by Interpol

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