DOCUMENTS- Four convictions against Hichem Aboud at the court of Lille

Algeria – The former Algerian intelligence agent, Hichem Aboud, was sentenced in July in four defamation cases in the court in Lille, France.

In sentencing documents obtained by the ALG24 editorial office, we find that Hichem Aboud was sentenced in four separate defamation cases against Anis Rahmani, whose real name is Mokeddem Mohamed, CEO of the Group. Ennahar.

As the documents attached to the article show, the former director of "Mon Journal" was fined 3,000 euros in each case, totaling 12,000 euros.

In addition to these fines, Hichem Aboud, who failed to launch his new TV channel based in Switzerland, is ordered to delete the videos posted on his YouTube channel and the articles published on his site to the detriment of the person Anis Rahmani.

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